Ozark Off Road Cyclists

To Advocate for, Build, Maintain and PreserveAdvocate for, Build, Maintain and Preservesustainable multi-use soft surface trails in the Arkansas Ozarks and Arkansas River Valley.

Ozark Off Road Cyclists

To Advocate for, Build, Maintain and Preserve sustainable multi-use soft surface trails in the Arkansas Ozarks and River Valley.

Ozark Off Road Cyclists of Arkansas

Chapter Member of the International Mountain Bicycling Association

The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating, enhancing, and preserving great mountain biking experiences. IMBA's mission is to create, enhance, and protect great places to ride mountain bikes, and to promote responsible mountain biking practices that benefit everyone.

As a chapter member of IMBA, the Ozark Off Road Cyclists (OORC) benefits from IMBA's expertise in trail design, construction, and maintenance, as well as advocacy efforts on behalf of mountain bikers. The OORC works closely with IMBA to ensure that the trails they build and maintain are sustainable, environmentally responsible, and enjoyable for riders of all skill levels.

Since its founding in 1997, the OORC has been dedicated to building and maintaining soft surface trails in the Arkansas Ozarks and Arkansas River Valley. The organization's efforts have helped to create a thriving outdoor community in the region, with opportunities for hikers, mountain bikers, and trail runners to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The OORC regularly partners with local, state, and federal land managers to ensure that their trail-building efforts are in compliance with environmental regulations and conservation principles.

In addition to building and maintaining trails, the OORC is also committed to advocating for appropriate multi-use trail systems that benefit all trail users. The organization believes that trails should be accessible to a wide range of users, and that a collaborative approach is necessary to ensure that everyone's needs are met. As a chapter member of IMBA, the OORC is part of a larger network of organizations and individuals who share this commitment to sustainable, responsible, and enjoyable mountain biking experiences.


Below you can find a list of opened and closed OORC trails


OORC Trail Crew spend hundreds of individual hours maintaining adopted trail systems each year.

Unique Volunteers in 2022
Over 10k volunteer hours resulting in


A partnership with the Ozark Off Road Cyclists creates a unique platform to strengthen a partner’s brand affiliation, loyalty, and recognition while increasing economic and business benefits in the communities we both serve.

Adventure Subaru
Lewis Automotive Group
Walton Family Foundation
Phat Tire Bike Shop
Fossil Cove Brewing Co
Ozark Natural Food Co-Op
Buffalo Outdoor Center
The Highroller Cyclery
The hardware Store of Fayetteville
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